Alice Pettway

Alice Pettway’s work has appeared in print and online journals, magazines and newspapers, including , The Miami Herald, The Progressive, and WomenArts Quarterly. Her chapbook, Barbed Wire and Bedclothes, was published by Spire Press in 2009, and her full-length collection, The Time of Hunger O Tempo de Chuva, is available now from Salmon Poetry. Pettway’s second book, Moth, is forthcoming in 2019. She is a former Lily Peter fellow, Raymond L. Barnes Poetry Award winner, and three-time Pushcart Prize nominee. Currently, Pettway lives and writes in Shanghai, China.

Alice Pettway的作品登载在纸质和电子期刊、杂志和报纸上,包括《The Bitter Oleander》、《The Progressive》和《WomenArts Quarterly》等。2009年,斯皮尔出版社出版了她的诗集《Barbed Wire and Bedclothes》,她的诗集汇总《The Time of Hunger O Tempo de Chuva》已由Salmon Poetry出版。Pettway的第二本诗集《Moth》将于2019年出版。她曾与Lily Peter共事,雷蒙德 L·巴恩斯诗歌奖获得者,并三次获得手推车奖提名。目前,Pettway在中国上海生活和写作。


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