Dan Goldman

Dan Goldman is a narrative designer and visual artist telling stories in comics, television, interactive media and video games. Coming to prominence as the co-creator of the dystopian graphic novel Shooting War, his first major work was nominated for an Eisner award for Best Digital Comic. Shortly after, he created 08: A Graphic Diary of the Campaign Trail, a work of nonfiction graphic journalism created in real-time marrying the visual languages of magazine design and sequential comics that was dubbed “Highbrow Brilliant” by New York Magazine. His paranormal horror comic Red Light Properties, which mashes up ghost stories, real estate and urban shamanism is currently in development as a live-action cable TV series. Dan has also produced Emmy-winning experiences for AMC Television, written two video games based on The Walking Dead, written animated TV shows for Man of Action Studios, and created work for Wired, BBC, Time Magazine, and many others. A frequent speaker at conferences and universities on the confluence of digital activism and narrative, Dan currently serves as Narrative Lead at Kinjin Story Lab, where he incubates story-based projects at the intersection of technological innovation and social good. He lives in Los Angeles.

Dan Goldman是一位叙事设计师和视觉艺术家,他在漫画、电视、互动媒体和电子游戏中讲述故事。作为反乌托邦漫画小说《Shooting War》的合著者,他的第一部重要作品获得了艾斯纳最佳数字漫画奖提名。不久之后,他创作了《08: A Graphic Diary of the Campaign Trail》,这是一部非小说类的纪实新闻漫画作品,将杂志设计的视觉语言与连环画实时结合了起来,被《纽约杂志》评为“知识分子之光”。他的超自然恐怖漫画《 Red Light Properties》,融合了鬼故事、房地产和城市萨满教,目前正被改编为一部真人有线电视连续剧。Dan还为AMC电视台制作了艾美奖得奖经历,根据《行尸走肉》制作了两个视频游戏,为行动主义工作室创作了动画电视节目,并为《连线》, BBC, 《时代周刊》等创作。作为一名常在会议上和大学里发表关于数字技术操作和叙事结合演说的讲者,Dan目前担任Kinjin故事实验室的叙事主任,在那里,他孵化着技术创新和社会公益的融合性项目。现居洛杉矶。


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