Geoff Dyer

Geoff Dyer is the author of four novels: Paris TranceThe SearchThe Colour of Memory, and Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi; a critical study of John Berger, Ways of Telling; and many genre-defying books: But BeautifulThe Missing of the SommeOut of Sheer Rage, Yoga For People Who Can’t Be Bothered To Do ItThe Ongoing MomentZona, about Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Stalker, and Another Great Day at Sea: Life Aboard the USS George H W Bush. A collection of essays from the last twenty years entitled Otherwise Known as the Human Condition was published in the US in April 2011 and won the National Book Critics Circle Award for Criticism. His most recent book, White Sands: Experiences from the Outside World, was published in May 2016 (Pantheon, US; Canongate, UK). A new book, The Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand, will be published in early 2018 by University of Texas Press.

杰夫·戴尔是四部小说的作者:《Paris Trance》、《The Search》、《The Colour of Memory》和《Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi》;也写有关于John Berger的批判性研究著作《 Ways of Telling》和许多不拘一格的作品:《But Beautiful》、《The Missing of the Somme》、《Out of Sheer Rage》、《Yoga For People Who Can’t Be Bothered To Do It》、《The Ongoing Moment》、《 Zona》,关于Andrei Tarkovsky的电影的《Stalker》和《Another Great Day at Sea: Life Aboard the USS George H W Bush》等。2011年4月在美国出版了近20年的随笔集,名为《Otherwise Known as the Human Condition》,并获得了美国国家书评人奖。他最新出版的《White Sands: Experiences from the Outside World》于2016年5月出版(美国众神殿出版社,英国坎农格特出版社)。下一部新书《The Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand》将于2018年初由德克萨斯大学出版社出版。

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