Li Dewu

Li Dewu, born in 1963, is a poet and critic. His collections include A Chokey Clock, Selected Poems of Nine Poets, and A Collection of Li Dewu’s Poems and Essays. He now lives in Suzhou. With regard to poetry and translation, he says: “Poems are the spiritual reflections of poets. Writing poems is to explore the void in the secret heart. With regard to the truth, poetry doesn’t need verification. One word is one spiritual being. Translation is not to transfer a word but to wake up another soul in another language. I will not deride the accuracy of translation. But if my poem can give a new life to an English word, even though it is not my original idea, I would also feel delighted and inspired.

李德武  1963年出生。诗人、诗歌评论者。1984年开始发表作品。1993年出版诗集《窒息的钟》。2000年与朋友合出《九人诗选》,2015年出版《李德武诗文集》。1980年至2002年,在哈尔滨生活工作,2002年移居苏州至今。诗人对写诗和翻译的看法: 诗是心灵的映现。写作是对心灵隐秘虚空的探寻。在真实性方面,诗不需要验证,一个词就是一个灵物。翻译不是转移一个词,而是对另一个灵物的唤醒。我并不希求翻译的准确性,如果我的诗使英语中的某个词有新生命,就算不是我的本意,也值得欣喜。


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