Xiao Hai

Xiao Hai (born in 1965-), originally named Tu Haiyan, is a contemporary poet in China. He was born in Hai’an, Jiangsu Province, and graduated from the Chinese department in Nanjing University. He is a gifted poet as well as a representative poet of the rebellious generation. His poetic collections include Bending to Weeds until the Afternoon and Song of Shadows. He is the speaker in Ilan Stavans vs. Xiao Hai:  Conversations about Literature, and is also the chief editor of poetry journal They. Prizes include Writer’s Poetry Award in 2000, Tian Wen Poet of 2012, Beautiful Island Poet Laureate in 2015, the fifth Yangtze River Cup Jiangsu literature Review Award in 2016, the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Zi Jin Mountain Literature Awards of Jiangsu Province, and the 1st and 2nd Ye Shengtao Literature Award.  Xiao Hai currently lives in Suzhou.

小海 (1965–),本名涂海燕,中国当代诗人。生于江苏海安。毕业于南京大学中文系。著有诗集《必须弯腰拔草到午后》、《村庄与田园》、《北凌河》、《大秦帝国》(诗剧)、《影子之歌》(长诗)、《Song of Shadows (影子之歌)》(英中双语版)、《男孩和女孩(小海诗集1980-2012)》;对话录《陌生的朋友:依兰-斯塔文斯与小海的对话》;随笔集《旧梦录》。主编过《<他们>十年诗歌选》等。他的作品登上《北京文学》1998年中国当代文学作品排行榜,获得过《作家》杂志2000年诗歌奖,2012年度“天问诗人奖”,2015年“美丽岛”桂冠诗人奖,2016年第五届“长江杯”江苏文学评论奖一等奖,江苏省第2届、第4届、第5届紫金山文学奖,苏州市叶圣陶文学奖。现居苏州。

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