Zhu Wenying

The works of author and Shanghai native Zhu Wenying – including Aunt Lily’s Small Nambang, Madam Dai and Blue, and High Heels – have been published in numerous journals and anthologies. Some of her stories have been translated as well into English, French, Japanese, Russian, German, and Korean. Her short story, Ephemeral Life, was published in the 2005 Blood Ties: Writing Across Chinese Borders issue of MANOA, the literary journal of the University of Hawaii Press. In 2014, Zhu Wenying received the Annual People’s Literature Prize. Her peers have expressed appreciation for her work’s “renewal of a refined sensibility characteristic of Southern China”. She currently serves as Vice Chairperson of the Suzhou Writers Association and also works as an art curator and critic.

朱文颖,生于上海,国家一级作家。中国“七十年代后出生”的代表性作家之一。近年介入艺术策展和批评领域。著有长篇小说《莉莉姨妈的细小南方》、《戴女士与蓝》、《高跟鞋》、《水姻缘》,中短篇作品《繁华》、《浮生》、《重瞳》、《花杀》、《哈瓦那》、《凝视玛丽娜》等。有小说随笔集多部。小说入选多种选刊选本,并有部分英文、法文、日文、俄文、白俄罗斯文、韩文、德文、意大利文译本。曾获《人民文学》奖,《作家》“金短篇”小说奖,《中国作家》奖,紫金山文学奖,首届叶圣陶文学奖,金圣叹文学评论奖,《人民文学》年度青年作家奖等,2005年由“中国青年作家批评家论坛”评选为首届“年度青年小说家。”2011年入选 “娇子·未来大家TOP20”。部分作品被馆藏于法国国家图书馆,并多次入选夏威夷大学纯文学刊物MANOA“环太平洋地区最有潜力的青年作家作品专辑”。其作品在同辈作家中独树一帜,被中国评论界誉为“江南那古老绚烂精致纤细的文化气脉在她身上获得了新的延展。”现任苏州市作家协会副主席。

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